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MHA Chapter 326: When to Expect Leaks

While the popular anime and manga series, My Hero Academia, has been fairly consistent in recent weeks with its release schedule, it appears the manga will be taking another one week break. Considering the delay, though, when will the MHA Chapter 326 leaks be? I’ve got you covered, down to roughly the hour you can expect chapter 326 spoilers!

My Hero Academia chapters release fully translated for English readers every Sunday morning. However, earlier fans translations of leaked scans do make the rounds fairly consistently. Were one to want spoilers at the earliest possible time each week, the time from midnight to three or so every Thursday morning would be when to search for leaks. I should note this is from the perspective of Eastern Standard Time.

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Seeing as MHA Chapter 326 has been delayed a week, rather than leaks coming in a few hours from now, it’ll be.. well, a week and a few hours from now. The leaks tend to be done pretty consistently by 2-3 in the morning, so around that time on September 16th will be when all the info is out.

The last chapter had left on a rather ominous note, what with the heroes mentioning taking revenge against the villains and All Might’s darkened, barely readable face. I’m glad that the whole class besides Deku has had time to shine, but there likely won’t be much time to relax and recuperate before something goes terribly wrong. Still, that only leaves me more excited for what’s to come!

mha 325 all might
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

As some may well be aware, I take all the leak info from Twitter, Discord, etc, and compile the plot, title, panels, and more each week. I do this for two reasons. One, I’m very impatient about things I like so when I’m hyped for a chapter I too am waiting anxiously at my screen for the info to come in real time. Two, I realize most people don’t have a miserable sleep schedule and can’t afford to be awake or looking for MHA news at these ungodly hours, so I make a nice compilation of everything we have.

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With that being said, MHA Chapter 326 leaks and spoilers should be out in the early morning hours of September 16th. I’ll be sure to have a comprehensive look at the chapter as soon as the leaks are out!

EDIT: Leaks out early fellas, get em while they’re lukewarm!

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