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Coco Leaving Hololive on July 1st

While not the most anime of news, it does feel hard these days to be a member of the anime or gaming community without knowing of the YouTube goliaths that are VTubers. Chief among these is Kiryu Coco, a dragon streamer with over one million subscribers and over two million dollars in Super Chats alone. Unfortunately, she is stepping down shortly with Coco leaving Hololive on July 1st.

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Not much is known as to why this happened, but a letter from the company affirms it was her decision they decided to honor, so at the very least it appears she wasn’t fired. In her most recent video, she gives this announcement and seemed to get pretty emotional as well, but couldn’t say exactly why she was leaving. Some have predicted causes from stress of Hololive rules, the CCP anti’s which have flamed her and collab members since acknowledging Taiwan (yeah, there’s sort of a history here), and more. Whatever it may be, we wish her the best with future endeavors.

Kiryu Coco leaving hololive letter
Credit: COVER Corporation

Thankfully, not all is lost. Despite Coco leaving Hololive, she will be continuing streaming for the next month with her graduation stream will be at 8PM JST on July 1st. It seems she’s been ramping up collabs with other Hololive talent in the past two or so weeks, and she certainly isn’t the type to not go out with a bang.

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Of course, fans and fellow VTubers, Hololive and otherwise, made sure to give our Kaichou a ton of well wishes with the term even trending for about an hour around her announcement. People posted sad memes, left words of respect and admiration, and tons of well wishes for whatever endeavors she decides to take in the future.

Credit: Mori Calliope

Personally, I’m definitely sad to see her go, even without being a habitual stream lurker of her’s. Highlight clips are great, and the role Coco had in expanding Hololive and VTubing as a whole to the West cannot be overstated. Fellow talent Calliope Mori refered to Coco as one of the most hard working people she’d ever met. Let’s give the Kaichou some love before she leaves. Be sure to see her on her final livestream if you’re a fan!

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