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Destiny 2: How to get Candy during the FOTL event

It’s spooktober and Destiny 2 isn’t being left out of the festivities – Bungie’s Festival of the Lost has started and there’s a lot of great rewards out there for you to get your hands on. If you want to unlock these though, you’re going to need to get Candy. Here’s everything you need to know about how you can get Candy in Destiny 2 during the FOTL event.

How to get Candy in Destiny 2 during the FOTL event?

Candy is a limited-time currency in Destiny 2 that’s associated with the FOTL seasonal event and its rewards. If you want to earn it, you’re going to need to start completing bounties for Eva Levante.

You can find Eva Levant in the Tower Courtyard and you should be introduced to her in the first FOTL event quest when you log in to Destiny 2 next – so, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding her.

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“Eva Levante invites you to join a Last City tradition that celebrates the light we find in the darkness. Gather round the campfire with your fellow Guardians, dig into your overflowing bags of candy, and fondly recount the tales of those who were lost but will never be forgotten.”

When you’ve found her, all you need to do is accept some bounties and start completing them. If you head to the Quests tab of your Director, you can actually “cash in” on your bounties without needing to head back to Eva Levante.

The FOTL event bounties will offer Guardians XP, Bright Dust, Glimmer, and that all-important Candy. You can take on two Weekly Bounties, up to four Daily Bounties, and a series of additional Bounties during the event. As far as we’re aware, these will reset alongside the Weekly Reset throughout the event.

Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost event is going to run from October 12th until November 2nd.

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