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The Avengers Game is getting MCU Skins? What we know so far

LATEST:- Crystal Dynamics has released two MCU skins for their Avengers Game so far, but fans are disappointed with the fact that they aren’t completely accurate.

LATEST – MCU Skin for Clint Barton Released

Slowly, but surely, we’re getting new Marvel’s Avengers MCU-inspired skins. The next hero to get the Avengers Endgame treatment is Clint Barton.

Following on Black Widows’ Endgame skin release, Clint Barton also has his own Endgame skin now. It’s his post-Ronin black and gold look, but many fans are criticising Crystal Dynamics for the same reasons they are criticizing them for the Black Widow skin…

Their hair hasn’t been changed. In Endgame, Clint Barton is rocking a questionable mohawk. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s safe to say that fans were expecting to see this added to Hawkeye’s Endgame skin after the backlash for Black Widow’s lack of an Endgame Ponytail (especially considering she has in-game skins with the same hairstyle already).

Instead… We got the skin but Crystal Dynamics’ Clint Barton is very-much not growing a mohawk.

We also have Black Widow’s skin for reference….

The skins themselves are nice, but you have to wonder whether we should be getting the Endgame hairstyles or not alongside them…

MCU Skin Leaks For The Avengers Game

As we approach the release of Black Widow and the Red Room Takeover, we have a few new leaks to look at! We’ll cut to the chase and share them below, but please note that we don’t know when they will drop or how many Credits they will set you back.

Firstly, we have a few new looks at Captain America’s Endgame-inspired look from Neockwon:

We also have some Endgame Black Widow & Professor Hulk inspired outfits from another leaker:

Then, we also have some Endgame-inspired Clint Barton outfits. As you can imagine, they’re very black…

Original Article Below

Earlier this month, we got the news that Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game was going to get MCU skins in the future! It’s something a lot of fans have wanted since the game’s launch, but what do we actually know about this?

If you’re not aware of what “MCU” means, it stands for Marvel Cinematic Universe and encompasses almost every live-action Marvel TV Show and Movie you see on Disney Plus and beyond.

What does this mean for Marvel’s Avengers, though? Well, it means we could be getting some awesome new outfits for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Avengers Game MCU Skins Incoming

In a similar fashion to how Insomniac’s Spider-Man titles have movie-inspired appearances, despite them being completely independent portrayals and canonically set in a different Marvel Universe, Marvel’s Avengers could be getting some new cosmetic appearances inspired by the same characters’ appearances in the MCU!

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As it stands, these MCU skins would be coming to Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game during the Red Room Takeover event that is due to kick off sometime in the Spring.

However, when you look at Marvel’s Avengers’ roadmap article about this…

” Enter the Red Room Takeover with new unique HARM Room content and outfits.”

That’s all we get. We know, it’s a little outrageous but there is the Tacheyon Anomaly event that is due to start first so we’ll cut them some slack.

Annoyingly, this also means we don’t really know when to expect this update. We can imagine it will be May 2021 at the earliest in order to give the Tachyon Anomaly event time to breathe, though.

What We Want To See?

We know that Kate Bishop and Kamala Khan are yet to make their MCU debuts, but this could be a fantastic chance to reveal their “Hero Outfits” from their respective series on Disney Plus, right?

If not, then we still have a few favourites we think would look awesome in Marvel’s Avengers.

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Firstly, Thor NEEDS this Gladiator-inspired look from Thor: Ragnarok. There isn’t much else to say except that it’s probably Hemsworth!Thor’s best costume outside of his epic appearance in Avengers: Engame.

Avengers Game MCU Skins Thor Ragnarok
Credit: Disney

Secondly, we think Hawkeye’s trenchcoat in Avengers: Age of Ultron deserves more love and we think it would look epic in Marvel’s Avenegrs. It could maybe do with a slight recolouring to reflect the vibrant purple Clint is known for, but as an appearance it’s pretty great.

Avengers Game MCU Skins Hawkeye Age Of Ultron
Credit: Disney

It goes without saying that Infinity War’s Steve Rogers had everyone interested and his rugged Nomad-inspired look would be perfect for Marvel’s Avengers! We’re not sure about his Wakandan Shield-Gauntlets, but with Black Panther and the War for Wakanda on the way, we’re sure they could make it work.

Avengers Game MCU Skins Captain America Infinity War
Credit: Disney

We know this is being speculative and we’re almost certain that the Red Room Takeover is going to introduce a series of MCU-inspired Black Widow cosmetics to the store, but we can dream. Right?

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Disney’s Black Widow is due to release on Disney Plus and in Theatres on July 9th. We’re not sure this still counts as “Spring”, so expect more before then!

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