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New Venom 2 Trailer: Carnage looks great, but it’s all very dark

There’s a new Venom 2, subtitled Let There Be Carnage, trailer and we finally have a new look at Tom Hardy’s next outing as a Venom-appeasing Eddie Brock. More importantly, we also got a new look at Cleatus Cassidy and Carnage. Here’s the latest.

The New Venom 2 Trailer

First things first, let’s all have a look at the actual trailer. It features a lot more Venom than we anticipated, opening with him making breakfast for Eddie. Frankly, it’s a little unusual but we don’t hate it exactly. Thankfully, though, it goes much more into Cleatus Cassidy’s involvement and we get to see a snippet of Woody Harrelson’s unhinged performance.

You can check out the full trailer below, though:

Sony’s sequel to Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is going to release exclusively in Theatres on September 24th.

Does It Look Good?

It’s hard to tell. Spider-Man fans have been waiting to see Carnage for a long f*cking time now and we’re finally on the precipice of having him practically star in his own movie.

We know Woody Harrelson can play unhinged and he doesn’t do a bad job of it, but we think it’s a little unusual for him to be playing Cleatus Cassidy. We also don’t really get a great look at Carnage yet.

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Carnage is known for his bright red appearance, contrasting with Venom’s black symbiotic appearance, but the overall darkness of the trailer doesn’t really give us much of a chance to see that. He looks a little orange, maybe even a burnt umber. It seems to be suffering from the same things that Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy suffered from.

New Venom 2 Trailer
Credit: Sony

It’s just too damned dark. Even when Eddie Brock is in the Convenience Store talking to Mrs Chen, it’s like half the lights in her shop are busted. If anyone’s ever been in an Off License or a Convenience Store late at night, they’re famously well-lit. When you combine this with the strange diction of the film’s Venom voice, it just… Doesn’t sit right.

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Venom seems to blurt out his lines, which seems to go against how his character traditionally speaks in more of a harsh, slithering, hiss. It doesn’t really make too much sense, but you have to hope that Tom Hardy will be able to carry a second film on his shoulders.

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