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Pokemon Go Halloween 2021: All of the new Avatar items

Pokemon Go is starting its Halloween 2021 event, and it includes a new set of Halloween-themed avatar items for those of you keen on fashion.

That means new Halloween cosmetics will be available in the store, so you might want to be saving up your coins (or at least avoiding spending them all) if you’re a fan of making your player avatar keep up with any seasonal trends in Pokemon Go.

What are the new avatar items?

There are five of them in total, and they’re fairly within what you’d expect given the event.

The new cosmetics include:

  • Pikachu Pumpkin Head
  • Pumpkaboo Top
  • Pumpkaboo Pants
  • Hoopa Headband
  • Halloween Face Sticker

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Two of the five being Pumpkaboo-themed isn’t entirely surprising given that Pumpkaboo was only just added to Pokemon Go with this update – though the lack of any Trevenant themed ones is somewhat disappointing given that that Pokemon family was also just added as well.

And of course, Pikachu and Hoopa-themed items are likely to be a sure-fire success, given how much hype was around Hoopa before its release and how Pikachu is effectively the face of the Pokemon brand.

How do you get the new Halloween themed avatar items in Pokemon Go?

The new Pokemon Go cosmetic items will become available starting from October 14th, 2021 from 1:00 PM onwards (GMT-7) – they will continue to be available after the event, so you don’t need to stress about logging in quickly for them.

These new avatar items can be found in the shop in Pokemon Go from that date onwards, so you’ll likely need the usual fare amount of coins to buy them if you want them.

Is there anything else?

That’s it for this one about the new Pokemon Go Halloween avatar items, but feel free to check out more of our Halloween event coverage.

Well, that’s really about everything for this one, not much more can be said about these new Avatar items in Pokemon Go.

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