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Pokemon Go: Snorlax weakness, counters

Snorlax is a very durable Pokemon and is often used to defend gyms in Pokemon Go, just what is the main weakness of Snorlax in Pokemon Go?

This article is designed to inform you enough about Snorlax and its only real weakness so that you know how to bring down the veritable tank that is the Sleeping Pokemon.

What is the biggest weakness of Snorlax in Pokemon Go?

Some things, such as what moves Snorlax uses or how much combat power it has to burn through before he’ll go down and be defeated vary whether it is in a raid or defending a Gym for another Trainer.

With that said, one key detail remains constant. Snorlax’s type.

Snorlax’s type gives us a constant value that we can use to our advantage. To be specific, Snorlax is a pure Normal-type. This isn’t a lot to go off, as Normal-types have very few interactions with other types. Only two total, in fact.

The Pokemon Snorlax in Pokemon Origins
The Pokemon Snorlax in Pokemon Origins, Credit: Bulbapedia

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This means that Snorlax has the typical strengths and weaknesses of other Pokemon of the Normal-type, being strong against Ghost-types – taking only 39% damage from them – and weak against Fighting-types, taking 160% damage from those attacks.

While this doesn’t provide us with a whole lot of options, it does mean that you can use Fighting-type moves against Snorlax for a significant advantage, whether you’re fighting a Snorlax in Raids or in a Gym battle. In short, the main weakness of Snorlax in Pokemon Go is Fighting-type attacks.

What moves can Snorlax use in battle?

Sometimes it’s worth considering what your opponent can hit you with, to try to pick a type that has an advantage against what damage they will do. With that said, Snorlax actually has access to a very varied move pool, including all of the following:

Fast Attacks
  • Lick (Ghost)
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Yawn (Normal)
The Pokemon Snorlax and Machamp in the Detective Pikachu film
Given how Snorlax was shown in the film Detective Pikachu, Yawn seems like a character-accurate move… Credit: Legendary Pictures
Charged Attacks

And now for where the move pool gets a bit crazy…

  • Body Slam (Normal)
  • Earthquake (Ground)
  • Heavy Slam (Steel)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Outrage (Dragon!)
  • Skull Bash (Normal)
  • Superpower (Fighting)

All in all, Snorlax can hit you with a wide variety of move-types, so it’s best to try to focus on bringing down this ravenous sleepy beast before it can get multiple charged attacks off at you, or you may be in trouble regardless of what you bring along to fight it.

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Is there anything else?

That’s really there is to know about what you can do to bring down Snorlax easier. Do your best to exploit that weakness to Fighting-types, and Snorlax’s huge health bar should deplete a fair bit faster for you in Pokemon Go.

Sometimes it can be useful to try to plan around what moves your opponent can use against you, but in the case of Snorlax, there are simply many moves it can hit you with as covered above, which makes it hard to plan against.

All in all, pull out Fighting-type moves to exploit Snorlax’s main weakness, as well as hoping you don’t have to deal with Zen-headbutt as a fast attack, and it should go down easily enough in raids or gym battles. That’s everything for this article Trainers, I hope it’s been helpful to you.

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