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GFuel Flavor Review – An 8 flavor, semi-first experience

Chances are you’ve heard of GFuel from either your favorite streamer, a friend, or maybe even an advertisement on social media. Personally, I’ve heard about it from streamers and Twitter accounts sharing their codes for others to use on and save money while doing so by giving them 10-30% discounts. Now though, I’m deep into my obsession with GFuel. Previously I was only ever able to acquire cans so now that I’ve finally caved in and got a 40 serving tub of a single flavor and 7 single serve packs as well a shaker I thought it was the perfect time for a GFuel flavor review of the hit esports liquid for the community to know what they’re in for when they try Gamma Lab’s GFuel.

The GFuel website offers plenty for the consumer outside of drinks but just drinks alone you can find in a variety of forms from single serve powder packets to 40 serving tubs of a single flavor to hydration tubs that focus more on even cleaner approach for the body than GFuel already practices in their core drinks.

There are quite a few different tubs to choose from with new flavors and reskins of older flavors constantly being added. There are the general flavors that are all sugar free, 140mg caffeine and some more ingredients to get you truly into the game. Being the company that they are though, Gamma Labs created a no caffeine line of tubs as well called Hydration Tubs mentioned earlier. Below are all of the listed types of different beverages GFuel offers on their website:

  • Hydration Tubs
  • Energy Tubs
  • Energy Crystals
  • Energy Packs
  • Energy Cans

Other offers from the site are:

  • Accessories (hats, backpacks, etc.)
  • Shakers (16oz, 25oz)
  • Bundles featuring a different combinations of all items listed above

Specifically for this review we are going to be going over 7 different Energy Pack flavors and one Crash Bandicoot themed Energy Tub.

GFuel has partnered with brands such as Sega, Bethesda, Capcom, Faze, Mortal Kombat as well as other streamers and franchises.

What got me started on GFuel

For me though, the discounts weren’t truly enough for me to spend $50 on powdered drinks and a shaker I didn’t know I’d like. Eventually, I found GFuel in a convenience store about 2 blocks from my house and it had Sonic the Hedgehog on it and said Peach Rings for the flavor so I immediately bought 2 cans and that officially started my obsession with GFuel.

Although I will not be covering it in this GFuel flavor review because the tub was out of stock, I have to say the can of Sonic’s Peach Rings is phenomenal and at the time of writing this, before I try these new powdered flavors, it is currently my favorite but that may change as we progress through these new flavors.


There’s only one flavor of GFuel that I’ve had that I absolutely did not like. However that was a can and I now have a powder single serve, so I will be trying it again to see how much different it is. We’ll talk more about that when I actually get to that flavor, how all these flavors stack up against their can counterparts, and how I had to temporarily become a GFuel mixologist.

Nemesis Tea – my first powder GFuel flavor

Nemesis Tea is one of GFuel’s collaborative flavors in which they partner with a specific video game franchise or character, as they often do, and create a relatable flavor. This flavor is inspired by Resident Evil but more specifically a Resident Evil 3 enemy featured throughout all Resident Evil properties in some form from that point after.

This flavor was one of 7 flavors I received with my starter kit shaker. Although it said I would receive 7 different flavors, I still got an interesting selection of flavors.

Nemesis Tea is close to what I was expecting but not entirely. With the known existence of Demonade, the Doom inspired flavor, gave me the impression that it’s lemonade but there is also a Spice Warning when viewing the flavor on the site so with that I had no idea what I was in for here. I am curious on how that flavor tastes as well but unfortunately it won’t be covered in this GFuel flavor review.

After drinking my shaker full of Nemesis Tea I must say, I was not expecting the flavor I got. I was expecting more a homemade iced tea flavor, maybe a bit of sweet tea. But this honestly was not too far off from sweet tea. I had a very sweet flavor throughout but tasted very fruity as well. I’m thinking raspberry tea with this one and i loved it. Overall, it tasted like a sweeter Arizona raspberry iced tea.

Sour Blue Chug Rug

This GFuel review flavor is inspired by Faze player Rug, providing players with what can easily be described simply as Blue Sour. This flavor is reminiscent of blue raspberry Pop Rocks candy.

Honestly, it feels like some of those candies may be floating around while drinking this delicious sour treat. This was the second flavor I ever had in a can and I immediately fell in love.

While I do like this flavor, I don’t know if I would want an entire tub of the flavor but that’s a positive point to these Starter Kits or just the single servings in general. By only acquiring a single serve you can truly test out the flavor before you buy 40 servings of it.

Compared to can: I’d have to say the only differences between these 2 flavors between a can and the single serving packet is that the can has a bit of a more refreshing taste, while the powder leaves more of an aftertaste in your mouth that reminds me of the aforementioned Pop Rocks candy.

Overall I like this flavor, and while I’m sure to keep buying the cans, if I truly want to drink this flavor, but I’m not very likely to order a 40 serving tub.

Faze X

This flavor shocked me in many ways. Mostly, I wasn’t expecting the liquid to be white. More similar to the white Gatorade flavor in color, glacier cherry, than it is in taste, but still has a fruity taste to it. At first taste for this GFuel flavor review, I thought it was closest to a Smarties candy but after drinking a bit more of it, I realize it definitely has more of a berry flavor as well.

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Overall, I like this flavor but not too sure if I would ever buy a 40 serving tub, but possibly.

Bubble Gum – possibly the most surprising GFuel flavor

This was another shocking flavor to me as I was expecting bubble gum as the name suggests but I was initially a little worried. While most GFuel flavors taste almost exactly like candy, I was worried because I was scared that this flavor would taste more like medicine that candy.

Overall I’d have to say I like this flavor as I thought I would, worries aside. Honestly the flavor reminds me more of a Valentine’s Day chalk heart candy than bubble gum but still a delicious flavor, if you’re into bubble gum.

Do they even make bubble gum flavored gum anymore?

GFuel Flavor Review Shaker Energy Pack Tub Powder Bubble Gum

Battle Juice

This flavor may be inspired by Faze, but the name reminds me of an elixir from Pokemon for some reason, but I was very excited to try this flavor out. Something about this flavor just called to me but as I could never find it as a can, this was my first time trying Battle Juice.

I’ll get into it more with the Bahama Mama flavor, but I am not the biggest fan of pineapple and this packet has a big ol’ pineapple right on the front. I somehow missed that when I was opening the packet, taking the picture shown above and mixing the drink.

Until I actually drank the Battle Juice in a shaker for this GFuel flavor review did I realize that it was pineapple, but I have no complaints. Personally, I don’t like pineapple juice itself because it has a sort of pulp texture to it and I’m not a fan of a pulp but this was different. Battle Juice wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t tart at all, like I was expecting.

Overall I think its a good flavor and although I like it, I don’t think I would ever find myself getting an entire tub of it.

GFuel Flavor Review Shaker Energy Pack Tub Powder Battle Juice

Cotton Candy – possibly the most spot on GFuel flavor

Cotton candy anyone? Being that GFuel flavors are all very similar to candy, for this review I expected this flavor to be very sweet and maybe a little tart, not really sure why but it just gives me that kind of impression that it’ll be like a slightly sour cotton candy flavor.

When I finally got to try this flavor I was absolutely blown away. Every sip of Cotton Candy literally tastes like cotton candy just melted in my mouth and that still feels like an understatement.

There was a Rockstar Energy line of drinks once that were strange flavors such as sour green apple and cotton candy and while that’s what it reminds me of, as a lot of these GFuel flavors do, those not only are loading with sugar but actually feel like it.

Before I started drinking GFuel, years ago I drank Monster and other energy drinks as if they were water since high school but when it came to writing and being up late playing video games Monster and Red Bull just didn’t do the trick. Those drinks just didn’t make me feel like I was doing anything other than drinking large amounts of caffeine in a small can. However, once i started to drink GFuel and realized I didn’t feel so awful after drinking like those other drinks made me feel.

Cotton Candy is definitely a hit with me and I could possibly get a tub of this at some point but at the moment, I’d probably grab something else instead but still a great flavor regardless. Yet another flavor that is heavily reminiscent of candy, and I love it.

Bahama Mama – the truest test of GFuel: Powder vs Can

Bahama Mama, inspired by Roman Atwood, is my mortal enemy for one reason and one reason only: coconut. The flavor is not only coconut as it reminds me of a piña colada and that is not okay with my tastebuds. While there is a short list of pineapple things I will consume, coconut is a different story.

Pineapple flavored candy and some drinks such as tropical with a strong pineapple flavor of sorts are alright with me such as NOS or yellow Monster Energy but the overall piña colada flavor was just too much for me.

Luckily, I already had a can of Tropical Rain in my fridge.

Since I had the Tropical Rain can, and that is very fruity but doesn’t taste like coconut in any way, I thought if I had mostly Tropical Rain with a good bit of Bahama Mama that would do the trick. It absolutely did do the trick but honestly, I personally need about 2 cans of Tropical Rain for each can of Bahama Mama to enjoy it.

Before I tried the flavor, I had the idea that this flavor was going to be different as a powder. Now I wasn’t sure if it would be stronger or weaker in flavor but so far the canned flavors have definitely been different.

Once the time came however, I fell in love with this flavor. It tastes almost like the opposite of how the canned version tastes. Instead of the coconut being a very powerful, it’s more of an aftertaste of coconut and it’s not too strong.

Overall, Bahama Mama was a surprisingly delicious flavor and honestly I could get myself a tub of this. I would certainly mix it with other flavors and enjoy it a lot. Personally, I was originally excited for Tropical Rain in a tub but now I may not like the flavor, based on my reaction to Bahama Mama as a powder compared to a can.

I do wish that I had a bit more of each of these flavors and some others just to experiment with other flavor mixtures as I know there is a good amount of GFuel consumers that like to mix powders to create their own flavor mixtures.

Crash Bandicoot’s Wumpa Fruit

Although Sonic’s Peach Rings was the flavor that pulled me in when I heard about Wumpa Fruit, inspired by Crash Bandicoot, I went on for the first time and really went through all the different products they had and tried to figure out what I would order.

As stated earlier, I just couldn’t justify spending the amount of money on something that I didn’t even know I was going to like so from that point on I started to stalk the site for a deal worthy of me buying a tub and a shaker. Just recently that finally happened.

I noticed that Peach Rings wasn’t available whatsoever so with the fear that I’d lose out on that and Wumpa Fruit I decided to cave in and get the glow in the dark 16 oz. shaker starter kit with the 7 flavors and Wumpa Fruit tub.

While I wish I got to try Wumpa Fruit prior to ordering an entire tub of it, I was confident I was going to like it, hearing that it tasted like a combination of peaches and apples.

GFuel Flavor Review Shaker Energy Pack Tub Powder Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Fruit

Once I got to actually drink Wumpa Fruit I was blown away. As a powder flavor, this is probably my favorite even though I can’t pinpoint the exact flavor. While I was expecting apple and peach flavors, I taste maybe some peach but definitely apple but most surprisingly it tastes like banana.

The banana flavor may have surprised me but I think that makes it my favorite part.

I was already looking forward to apple or peach being a high flavor point but the banana gives this flavor a super smoothie like flavor and I absolutely love it.

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Overall, between every flavor I tried for this GFuel flavor review, Wumpa Fruit as expected is my absolute favorite of the flavors listed in this article and I’m already excited to get more and maybe a Crash Bandicoot shaker if it ever comes.

Until I can try Sonic’s Peach Rings in a tub however, that shall remain my favorite but Wumpa Fruit is a contender for sure.

Final tips, pointers, and notes

Finally, I must say that I overall enjoyed these flavors and at the very least the opportunity to try so many flavors for such a good price without having to buy tubs. Although I’m unsure if I would ever get the energy packs again unless I was to get a new glow in the dark shaker or a tall shaker but only time will tell I suppose.

  • Shake your shaker often to ensure consistent flavor and no left over or built up powder
  • Investigate your flavors carefully as GFuel descriptions are quite elusive
  • Starter kits and bundles are the perfect place to start with several flavors and a shaker included, as well as the occasional tub
  • There’s always some sort of discount to get on so shop smart
  • Every tub comes with a scoop inside for that perfect portion

Please note that Gamma Lab’s statements are not evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). However, GFuel states no more than one can serving should be consumed a day and powdered drink consumers should start with one serving, treating it like a large cup of coffee due to similar caffeine content, and seeing how they feel before proceeding to drink more.

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